Top 5 AAA games planned for 2020 by Pick Me Up London

Top 5 AAA games

Pick Me Up London brings the latest news of the gaming world for the people who love to play games. Right now, let’s see together, hand in hand, the heart filled with love and joy, what our Top 5 AAA games planned for 2020 looks like that we look forward to.

5.The eternal repulsed: Dying Light

The eternal repulsed: Dying Light 2

Certainly one of the best multi-console co-op games of recent years, Dying Light immerses us in a post-apocalyptic zombie world in the open world. Presented as a solo or cooperative RPG action survival-horror for up to four players, its sequel has, on paper, absolutely everything to please. Originally scheduled for spring 2020, the developers of Techland recently announced the postponement of the release of the game.

4. The easy hype: Halo Infinite

The easy hype: Halo Infinite

The story of this game is just as wonderful as the other. Just the idea of re-donning my Master Chief uniform makes my heartthrob! Scheduled for the end of the year, we presume Microsoft is keeping Halo Infinite warm to offer Xbox Series X + Halo Infinite bundles, and it would be entirely right.

3. Unanimity: The Last of Us 2

Unanimity: The Last of Us 2

We missed our Ellie so much! We will find her in 2020 in a new AAA, but this time as a young adult, as shown in the trailer of the release date of The Last of Us 2. And what an adult! Any good PlayStation player knows The Last of Us, even by name, and the oldest of us are waiting for the sequel since the release of the first opus in June 2013, on PS3. Although it is a horror-action adventure type, the TLOU license can appeal to most people, customers of the style or not.

2. The futuristic: Cyberpunk 2077

The futuristic: Cyberpunk 2077

Here for the moment, we are in total innovation! Cyberpunk 2077 is a revolutionary open-world description RPG. In a world of street cyber warriors, savvy net runners, and corporate life hackers, Cyberpunk 2077 challenges you to become an urban legend. But why so much hype for a game relatively similar to Watch Dogs? Well because it was the developer of the game, CD Project Red, who developed the excellent The Witcher 3. Because of this, we know that CD Project Red can do very, very heavy. The catch: Cyberpunk 2077 has been strapped back to September 2020.

1. Tenderness: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tenderness: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If Animal Crossing: New Horizons is surely the AAA game that we expect the most in this year 2020, it is because the license has never disappointed me! Whether it’s our first Animal Crossing on DS, The New Leaf on 3DS or the Happy Home Designer always on 3DS, they are all as soft and engaging as each other. Indeed, Animal Crossing is a license that suits the whole family, and it does not matter our age or our level of experience. Let yourself be tempted by this next jewel, you will certainly not be disappointed! Our Top 5 AAA games that we expect the most in 2020 stops on these words. But be sure of one thing: we took great pleasure in sharing it with you!

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