Magic is one of the most famous performing arts in which by using natural means, viewers entertained by tricks or illusions of nearly impossible feats, including the subgenres of fantasy, stage magic, and close-up magic and in the 19th century, it began as a type of entertainment at fairs. But here we are talking about magic in Music that how Music affects the listener’s mind.

All over the world, Music is magic. We soar, relax or unwind with Music. It is a sensual freshness that finishes us. We dream without words and travel without traveling through time and space. We love with Music, laugh at them, or cry because it is a part of our passion and nature.

Like magic, we communicate with each other with Music. It keeps us dancing and reduce tensions by feeling the rhythm. Music does not affect ethnicity, religion, culture, or age.

Here are following some magical effects of Music:

Imagination and creativity:

Magic is, in itself, an art that is also found in Music. While listening to Music, it arouses your natural curiosity, stimulates the imagination, and opens the minds to new possibilities. You lost in the world of Music and think new tricks and imagine everything in real.

Realist control of the mood:

Music’s other magical effect is that it helps us control our mood and deal with it when we are in a bad mood. It helps to realize that you are not alone in this world. Music allows people to go through this stressful and nervous time. To alleviate anxiety, express our emotions, and avoid daily life realities, we use Music.

Enhance verbal IQ:

Playing the piano can not only improve your musical ability, but it can also boost your visual and verbal abilities. The children that have music lessons produced higher verbal IQ and visual abilities. It shows that the benefits of playing an instrument are not only instrumental but extend into visual understanding and knowledge.

Express your emotion:

As all said, Music works like magic because when you typically play Music, it represents thoughts and emotions. This way, without saying a sound, your brain conveys thoughts through the medium of Music. When we try to appreciate Music, it makes our minds more imaginative.

So Music is just like magic because it can transform an ordinary day into a magical, even spiritual thing. It can provide warmth, release, powerful sensations, and more.

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