Is New Galaxy S20 Ultra from Samsung worth it?

galaxy s20.


Samsung Galaxy S20 2020

The use of technology allows organizations to operate more efficiently and productively. The ever-increasing popularity of mobile technology keeps mobile access to systems within the organization growing. Work can be done anytime and anywhere these days, and the time that work is done only at the office seems to be over. Today, Pick Me Up is going to talk about the latest Samsung Galaxy S20. It costs you at least 1,349 euros and that’s a nice amount for a smartphone that can’t even fold. Samsung has a great deal to admire, though. Samsung’s current flagship’s benefits and competitors are in order.

You may find that the configuration of the smartphone is not unique if you have Galaxy S20 Ultra in your pocket. In the end, it looks a lot like the competition and much like earlier Galaxy smartphones. The most striking thing is probably the ‘hole’ on the screen, behind which the selfie camera rings. But even that’s not new, making Samsung S20 Ultra.


Space Zoom

One of the most imposing new features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is that it has space Zoom for users. You can shoot videos in a resolution of 8K, from which you can get screenshots that are 33MP. A cool new option is to get a mix right away when taking a picture. So suppose you take a picture of a bunch of flowers, then your phone makes a little poison, a video, a portrait picture and some loose normal pictures of it. Very useful when you are on safari for example and do not know what to choose when you finally have that proud lion in front of your lens. Moreover, it is useful to have a poison right away, because that is how we often communicate nowadays.

Good game phone

If you want to play video games, this is not a problem thanks to, among other things, the screen that refreshes itself 120 times per second. This gives you a smooth game experience that is sometimes even better than at home on your console. It is not something that happens automatically: the refresh rate is normally 60Hz and when you go gaming, you can set it to 120Hz. Thanks to the 5,000 MAH battery, you can continue for a while.


But, yeah, that price tag is big. If you can buy the product at a marginally cheaper price along with a rental, the system is not a poor option. Especially if you choose high-end phones more often, this fits perfectly. The design may not be so exciting, photography is all the more exciting. Also, this device is a fantastic game device, which you might buy instead of a Nintendo.

If 5G is fully available in your country, you can enjoy this phone that always offers 5G support. It doesn’t mean missing a train anymore. After all, you’re still waiting for that one episode to be downloaded to Netflix, because via the fast 5G you have downloaded not one episode but one whole season of your series in seconds. However, we will have to wait a long time before that happens. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is already available from March 13.

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