How to choose clothes for a small dog?

Just like their friend’s humans, some canine breeds are more sensitive than others to the cold and bad weather that usually occurs during the winter.

It should be known that sometimes it is necessary to dress your dog, especially if it is small, like a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire.

Understanding that you want to keep your pet healthy, check out our tips to properly choose dog clothing.


Why dress her dog?

Apart from the fact that they are adorable when dressed, putting a coat, sweater, or raincoat to your dog helps to protect your dog well in winter and throughout the year to keep him healthy.

Indeed, the fact of experiencing large temperature variations, for example, taking him outside when it snows while he has just spent several hours on his cushion in front of the fireplace, can cause him worries. It can get frostbite, catch a cold stroke, or even encounter skin problems.

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It should be known that each dog is different, even if some breeds are more sensitive than others. An indoor animal will be more likely to have health concerns if it does not come out covered, than a faithful companion accustomed to spending his days outside.

To put a dog down is to give him extra protection.

It should be known that, depending on the weather, it is advisable to choose between a sweater, coat or raincoat. It is recommended to adapt the clothing to each dog and to each situation to ensure the best possible protection.


Raincoat or dog coat?

Equipping it with a dog coat can be ideal when temperatures are very low. Usually, for small dogs they are used only in the winter period. Even if your four-legged companion needs to be covered, it’s also not necessary that he gets too hot because of his dog suit. This could make him sweat, which would not be good with the ambient cold.

Coats for small dogs are ideal when the weather is dry if you notice that it is raining or snowing, it is better to opt for a raincoat. The latter, in addition to protecting it from the cold, will prevent moisture from settling on its hairs.


It should be known that even if it is nice and cold, a dog down jacket can be more effective than a simple coat for a small dog if there is snow on the ground or if he is going to walk in the grass. Indeed, in these cases, his belly may get wet, which can lead to health concerns.


It is also recommended, after each outing in winter and, especially when you take it out in the rain, to dry it well.

When to put a sweater to his dog?

The dog sweater is ideal for small dogs with low hair, such as Chihuahua or Jack Russel, when it is mid-season, in spring and autumn. Indeed, it starts to get cold, and the sun is not always at the rendezvous. Not to mention that your pet can be a little scary. So it is better to cover it during his daily walks.

The sweaters for small dogs are perfect so that they keep an ideal body temperature when the big colds are not yet there.


Understanding that you want to offer the best to your pet, we offer dog sweater of excellent quality and in several sizes. Thus, your four-legged companion will feel like a second skin and will not be embarrassed in his movements.

By the way, even if they have a practical side above all, they exist in different colors. So your little dog can be proud of his wardrobe when he meets his friends during his outings.


Finally, it is advisable to pay good attention to the size, a chihuahua clothing will not go to a pug or Yorkshire.

How to make his dog agree to be dressed?

As with all stages of her upbringing, teaching your little dog to accept a garment can take time. It is advisable to accustom it from an early age by opting for the most effective method, that of positive Education. That is, rewarding him as soon as he acts correctly. It’s no use scolding him. On the contrary, this would risk abrupt him and he can refuse completely dog clothing afterward.


Do not hesitate to make him feel and stimulate him with delicacies that he will not be able to resist.

It is recommended to do everything so that he quickly accepts a dog suit because when he is older, your companion will be more fragile. So it will be more likely to get sick if you do not cover it properly when going out when it’s cold. Small dogs, even if they are hardy, need to be protected from cold and moisture with clothing adapted to their morphology.

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