5 projects for home improvement that you can do yourself



As the old saying goes, the House of an Englishman is his castle. “Whether you’re in England or not, the saying applies to most people who are proud of their homes – and for those who do, the process of home maintenance is underway. The good news is, there is a lot of home improvements you can make so you can make your house look great without breaking the bank. Pick Me Up London brings you the 5 projects for home improvements that you can do yourself.

1. Paint almost everything

It sounds simple, but the number of people who pay for the artists and interior designers will shock you. Of course, it saves a lot of time and effort and offers a professional finish, but painting is one of the easiest, most affordable do-it-yourself tasks you can do. And you should not even paint the walls! You can freshen up your kitchen by giving old closets a bright color, along with your doors, closets and other wooden furniture. Don’t stick to one solid color either. For a more creative touch in the home improvement, mix it with stripes, Windows, vertebrae or any other design that speaks to you.


2. Switch your lights

A simple but effective update, changing the lights in your home can create a completely different atmosphere. Adding a dimmer ensures a cozier environment on cold winter evenings while replacing a single light bulb for a small or faux chandelier can add a little elegance to your dining room. You can also change your regular halogen lamps into colored lamps or choose sustainable LEDs to save money. Introduce a new one (or vintage!) Lamp in your room for a classic touch.

3. Make an insulated floor

The prospect of isolating your home may seem discouraging, but it will save you a lot of money on heating bills for the coming years. In addition, there are a few simple, environmentally friendly ways to make these updates. The resources and some basic information are all that you need. Cork floors are much easier to install than traditional wooden floorboards, with many panels clicking together without glue or nails. It is resilient, stylish and fits well on plywood, concrete or existing floors to make a comfortable mat that keeps your floor warmer.


4. Install a log storage

If your house already has a wood stove or a traditional fireplace, you still need to keep your fuel somewhere. Building a logbook shop is an incredibly convenient solution that can be done for virtually nothing. The core thing is to find the right spot. It must be somewhere that is dry, easily accessible and high enough so that the lower strains do not become damp. All you need to build the frame is a few planks of wood, a hammer, and some nails. From there you can stack the logs inwards and add a sail for further protection against the elements.

5. Build some new furniture

As your furniture gets older and experience more wear and tear, it is sometimes better to replace it than to repair it. If you’re a decent professional, maybe you can make your own table and chairs. For beginners, it is probably best to start with something small like a stool, and then build up to more adventurous items from there. Why don’t you go to your local hardware store and get some flat-pack furniture? Putting this together may be a challenge, but it is a good place to start and will still be worth it in the end. Improving your home can be affordable and satisfying if you do what you can. Just start small and move on to bigger projects. You will probably impress yourself-and have a lot of fun along the way!





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