10 costume ideas for Halloween 2020 

Halloween is a festival that originated in Europe originally as a religious event to celebrate the harvest of autumn, to welcome the spirits of ancestors, and to drive out evil spirits. It takes place on October 31, the night before the all-hallowed celebration, is the day of the Catholic saint. During this period, there is an event to comfort the souls of the dead who come back to this world. “All-Halloween-even” is a full term and shortly called Halloween.

At present, it has been established as a folk event in Europe and America, especially in the United States. There is a tradition of making ‘jack-o-lantern’ by hollowing out the contents of pumpkin and making candles inside, and children dressed up as witches and ghosts, visiting nearby houses, and chanting ‘Trick or treat’ to get sweets. In some families, they make pumpkin sweets or bring their children to a party.

Costume parades and contests are held at Halloween events, and everyone enjoys unique costumes. Children dressed as witches and monsters will parade through the streets by saying “trick or treat”(or “trick or treat”). When participating in a Halloween party or event with family and friends, it is likely to be fun to prepare and Exchange small sweets such as candy and chocolate.

To get the perfect look with the Halloween costumes, if you want to look like the enemy of Batman the Joker. You need a purple jacket, a green vest, and a tie. The rest is makeup and hair disheveled and dyed green with specific products that are sold in specialty stores and removed simply by washing the hair.

The vampire costume is a classic Halloween and is also very simple. Black trousers, a white shirt, and a vest are sufficient, completed with a coat that can be red or black. Then we have to make up the little one, the white face, some purple dark circles, highlight the eyebrows, the beak of the hair in the center of the forehead, and of course, a good fang.

The successful series Game of Thrones has accumulated a large number of fans and followers thanks to the exciting arguments and characters created by George R. R. Martin, the quality of the series, and has recorded in various locations within our country. After seven seasons there will be many who will choose a costume from this series.

Best Halloween dress to surprise your friends by turning into American Psycho serial killer Patrick Bateman. Wear a long jacket over your suit and don’t forget to splash fake blood. Ninja is one of the coolest outfits to wear and one of the easiest to make.

Iron Man is a costume for you if you have a strong tendency to heavy metal. The beloved red and gold characters fight demons and create their own destiny. James Bond is the eventual sign of men. Bond’s simple, relentless tuxedo is an ideal outfit for the people who want a classic look.


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