How can I show my work at the Pick Me Up festival?

Pick Me Up is selected by Somerset House’s curating team, alongside a carefully selected body of industry insiders. For the first time, in 2013, we opened a window for applications of collectives. This is now closed for the 2013 event, but keep an eye on the site for the announcement of the 2014 event application; please note this is not open to individual artists.

Can I sell my work on the Pick Me Up site?

Again, this is only open to former and upcoming Pick Me Up exhibitors. There are a number of great online sites to sell your work.

We recommend Stylistic Gallery.

Can you post my work on the blog?

The artists, galleries and collectives who’s work is available on the site, and who’ve exhibited at Pick Me Up, are responsible for posting on the blog. The Pick Me Up curation team only put up posts relating to the festival, and other events at Somerset House. We receive a lot of requests and unfortunately, we cannot respond to, or post, anyone’s work. The blog is a forum for the past exhibitors to present and archive their own events, exhibitions, and work.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The individual collectives, artists and galleries whose work is available on this website will post out your item once your order has been placed. Please check on their page as delivery times will vary; some exhibitors are based outside of the UK, so naturally this will take longer.